Freedom of Creativity.
"Digital avatars help people around the world to express themselves freely!"
A Digital Avatar
straight from the Metaverse

The Scazy avatar's own game universe is gradually being developed.
Web3.0 Area
New digital art formats right on the streets of your cities!
AR Performances
XR Exhibitions
Soon Scazy will present his NFT works in his own virtual gallery.
Virtual Influencer with Entertainment Content

Scazy regularly gets in touch with the audience and gives a message.
All characters and events portrayed in this show are purely freaktional.
In his show, Scazy makes sense of modern human culture.
Tilda Publishing
Scazy manifests his own Art style.
Patternism is an artistic style based on the synthesis of digital art and psychoanalysis.
Exhibitions & Collaborations
Pieces of the success of patternism 2018-201
Tilda Publishing
Scazy creates
his own
Unique digital artifacts & art from a living avatar.
Scazy is attacks Open Sea.
Collectibles NFT's
a Digital Art artefact from the Scazy's Universe
Patternism Cube
of the Metaverse Citizen as a NFT
Scazy Passport
Tilda Publishing
Welcome to the Community
We're having fun hanging out at Discord.
Community Emojis
Emojis pack for our beloved community
Tilda Publishing
Scazy breaks into a Music Industry
{ Just for fun! }
Production by Networth
Anyway (demo)
Scazy Conquers Tik Tok
Entertainment and excitement!
NFT Collection / OpenSea
Release of the first NFT collection of 100 catched patterns of Zórian mind in 2D format on Open Sea.

+ Giveaway
Q1 '22
Step by Step to the Moon.
Q4 '22
All tokenized patterns and artworks will be presented at the virtual NFT exhibition in the author's own gallery.
Holographic NFT Frames
Release of a unique holographic frames with the function of displaying Patterns from the NFT collection.
Q3 '22
The next collection will be dedicated to the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.
It will symbolic change of 2D format to 3D patterns.

+ Giveaway
Q2 '22
Exhibition in LA
Physical artworks will be exhibited at a solo exhibition in LA.

+ NFT Auction
Q1 '22
Fluorescent Canvases
The next step to prepare 50 fluorescent canvases for the offline exhibition. Some of which will be tokenized, and some will
go to private collections.
Q2 '22
A multi-player game universe with unique experiences and adventure scenarios.
Q4 '22
Video Game
The firs PFPs Collection with different levels of rarity.
SCAZY Season 1
Author & Art Director
3D Artist
Nikit Mors
Our nascent family.
Blockchain & Security
May be you?
May be you?
Marketing Director

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