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a realistic digital avatar of artist Zórian Istomin
Date of creation: 11.10.21
Main theme:
The connection of digital, physical and spiritual practice
No limits to my imagination
a realistic digital avatar of artist Zórian Istomin
I am omnipresent and omnipotent
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Collaborations and specials. Recently updates and news.
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Digital clothing from artists, bought at NFT or created independently.
/ Mind. Patternism
The style of visualization of avatar/user data, including
his state of consciousness and intention programs.
Founded by Zórian Istomin
Why did I make a digital copy of myself?
"During the pandemic, I was stuck on a small island away from big cities. The avatar allowed me to be present in the information field throughout the time of isolation and collaborate with brands and artists without my physical presence.

Now I can create content anytime, anywhere, about anything, saving 80% of my time, money and energy."
No, this is not an absolute copy and there is still a lot of work ahead.
I. Empowerment
Avatars are designed to realize the potential of a person,
a group of people, or an entire community, brand, or nation.

The main function of the Avatar is to implement those ideas
and tastes that, for some reason, a person or brand is
not able to implement, being who they really are.

Avatar is a controlled manifested ego, a new and
progressive way of self-expression and manifestation.

If an Avatar doesn't empower a person or brand, it's just a 3D model.

II. Features and Differences
The avatar is endowed with external and functional
features that define the boundaries of human nature.

The functions of an Avatar are intended to express its
mission and function. Without external or functional features
and differences, it is just a digital copy of a person.
III. Social Profile
A digital avatar is a user profile on the web 3.0 network
that displays user data. In traditional social networks, our
accounts are also our avatars, in a more limited and flat format.

The transition to web 3.0 implies a voluminous display
of information with the possibility of gamification.

Avatars will be our dynamic accounts travelling the metaverse.
IV. Manifestation
The avatar translates the ideas, vision and meanings
of its person or brand to the masses, acting as a means
of more flexible expression of its position and attitude
to certain phenomena.

What a person / brand could not speak about because
of image or ethical nuances, acquires an organic presentation.

An avatar can take over the manifestation of ideas and social messages.

If the avatar has nothing to say to the audience,
it is not an avatar, but just a graphic character on the Internet.
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