A guide to creating
a digital avatar.
/ Requirements

Fill light
The light should be without hard shadows.
The face should be illuminated evenly.
Put a light source in front of your face.
A make-up mirror will do. Cloudy daylight will do.

The face is calm. Without a smile, without squinting.
Preferably without a beard (not critical). Without makeup.

The neck should be free of collars and clothing

The background should preferably be minimalistic,
without light sources and glare

Quality ( iPhone 12 PRO or Later )
The quality should be blur-free and clear. Regular photo mode.
Preferably not a selfies, but a shots photographed by someone.

/ How to take pictures.
Take 3 series of photos around the person.
There are 50 pictures in each series.
Each circle is a different angle.
The first circle is a straight angle.
The second circle is the angle from below.
The third circle is an angle from above.
Try to keep the person's face in the center of the frame. Use the grid in the iPhone camera.
/ Send me the files
Upload all the photos you took to the file sharing service (Google Drive,
Yandex Disk or smth.) and send me a link in WhatsApp or Telegram.
Next Steps
Update soon.
Digital Wardrobe
Total Look
We can create your own concepts,
or make digital copies of real clothes.

We will collect avatar's clothes
in his own digital wardrobe.


First digital outfit is for free.

Every new look is for a fee.
( team work payment )
Digital Grooming
We can create haircuts, beards, makeup, manicure and etc.

We will collect it in the
special library.


First elements is for free.

New elements is for a fee.
( team work payment )
3D Scenes
We can compose unique 3D scenes with your avatar for your new projects.

We can release it as NFT


First artwork is for free.

Every new is for a fee.
( team work payment )
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